Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Viva... Uh, oh... I see...

So, being the kind of person that I am (one who loves a quesadilla,) I stopped in at one of the local taquerias in between the Kimball el stop and my house. I was hungry and the place had gotten a fresh coat of paint recently, looked good, etc.

The woman who took my order was very nice. The food being eaten by the couple of guys who were in there looked good. BUT! While I was waiting for my to-go order, I looked around.

In addition to the big-screen TV and other standard-issue taqueria decor, there were some signs taped up by the management. They reminded me of the kinds of signs people used to put up in their office, like "I only please one person per day. Today is not your day" or Garfield or something similar. But the first sign threw me for a loop.

It said (translating roughly) Gringos are sons of whores, but please don't fight with them, it's bad for business!

I was tempted to ask the nice woman behind the counter to translate it for me, to see if it was embarrassing to her or not. But I didn't. I took a photo of it with my cell phone. I left with my $3.82 worth of cheese, chicken, and tortilla and went home to eat some delicious gringo-hating food.

Could you imagine the uproar if there was a similar sign targeting other ethnicities? "Yeah we hate ____ too, but don't fight with them because it's bad for business." I am not going back to that place, because I by default am apparently part of the hijo de pinche madre problem. So fair enough, Taqueria Zapata. You didn't want my business to begin with, so cool, I'm out.

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