Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What About the West Edgewater Chicken???

So, on Sunday? It was our anniversary. One year of wedded bliss! We celebrated on Saturday, leaving the 'actual day' to errands, ironing, clearing the tub drain (I rule!) and Scratch writing a 10 page paper. Ah, so romantic. But I digress.

So anyway. I'm driving to my mom's on Sunday morning and what is in the road by Peterson & Ravenswood but a DEAD CHICKEN! At first I thought it was a cat, because it was so white. Possums are usually a dirty beige/grey. I chalked it up to Santaria at Rosehill Cemetery, made my right turn onto Hermitage, and went about my day.

So then Scratch tells me that CHICAGOIST says more dead chickens were found near Jeff Park in the Forest Preserve. Knowing how unreliable they are (think Ghostface Killa review) I followed their link to the Sun Times story. SATAN WORSHIPPERS DOOD! Every LaBagh Woods Stoner-fest in high school spoke of the legendary satan worshippers who left chickens and sometimes beer cans in the woods. Consider them the "Blair Witch" for every high school kid in Chicago. "Satan Worshippers" were also known to practice behind Lane Tech. Yup.

I think the "West Edgewater" community (that of the "the world, especially other peoples' lawns, is my dog park" variety) has squashed the reporting of the Peterson/Ravenswood chicken, because it might jeapordize their property values (which are truly obscenely high) and Target might decide not to open. I hate you, nouveau residents!

Having grown up around the corner from Rosehill Cemetery, I will say that high school kids screwing around with chickens is not a surprise.

Anyway I never have time to blog but I had to say that seeing a dead chicken and actually then seeing a news story about it? Very gratifying.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Rockabilly Boyfriend

Meh, I'll stick with Scratch. My Rockabilly days are long over.

Who would be your ROCKABILLY dream date?

Your rockabilly dream date is James Intveld! He's the sexy, mysterious, yet quiet type. THE MOST DANGEROUS KIND! He will wine you, dine you, serenade you, and break your heart all in one night... but at least you'll have FUN!
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