Friday, May 04, 2007

The Ron Jeremy of Pop Art?

I thought the plate paintings were cool. This guy is such a character, he's become a caricature.

I don't know why reading the New Yorker article I linked to made me laugh, then made me sad. Maybe it was this line:

At the restaurant, Schnabel directed Lee to sit next to him. “You know, you remind me of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Did you see my film about him?” Lee had. “You should see it again.”

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wow. American Idol.

I will readily admit that I watched the first series of American Idol. Justin! Kelly! That guy! That other guy! It was a tv phenomenon! But I haven't really paid attention since.

Last night, in an effort to let our DVR get ahead of us, I switched to FOX because they have news at 9:00. We caught the last 10 minutes of Idol because of it. I outright forget about FOX all the time, because growing up, we had terrible reception for it, so I honestly never watched anything on channel 32. I like the Simpsons, but (before the dawn of the onscreen guide thingy) would never even think of turning the TV to 32. "Doesn't work."

OK but I digress. Here are highlights from the last 10 minutes:
Oh and then the news led with the skull-selling guy. This is like free advertising for him, the eye spy optical he lives above, and Tony Fitzpatrick*, who was interviewed because he is the mayor of Bucktown or something? Skully, here is your chance to own a human skull! Boiled for purity!

*Tony Fitzpatrick, I thought you were OK about 15 years ago. Cool, even! But now you are shilling for FOX news at 9 to give some kind of artist credibility to hyper-yuppified Bucktown. What?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This Week In Miguel...

According to the various e-newsletters I receive, the baby can now hear noises outside of the womb. Any suggestions on what to expose the womb to? Should I be reading? Blasting the stereo? Comment your suggestions.

Monday, April 30, 2007


Well, I guess I'm still not posting very much. What could be the source of my blog malaise? It might have to do with my new favorite show, How Clean Is Your House?

I love this show. It's gross, funny, and helpful! What more do you need in a television program, right? Kim Woodburn (the taller lady) is my new hero. I want her to come to my house and tell me what I do right and what I do wrong, then lovingly instruct me in how to polish my drains with salt and lemon juice. The fact that I took their online quiz and came out "gleaming" is enough to boost my cleaning self-esteem!

So with all the cleaning I should be doing, and knitting I should be doing, and other stuff, I guess blogging has fallen down the list a bit.

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