Friday, May 19, 2006

When Casual Friday Isn't Casual At All

So, at my new job they recently introduced "business casual Fridays." I have figured out that this really means men don't have to wear ties on Friday, and the women are kind of on their own. The list of what you can wear on casual Friday includes suits.

This is the hardest wardrobe decision of my week. I own one pair of "Casual Friday" pants which are black, because no denim is allowed. When it was cooler out I could wear a nicer sweater and be OK. The weather is getting warmer. It took me 10 minutes of different "tops" this morning before I settled on something that was "business casual but not too casual but not too stuffy" lest I be one of those lame-os who wears business attire on Casual Friday! Heaven forbid.

At my old job, every day was casual, and Fridays were this giant fashion free-for-all. I have swung all the way back on the pendulum and I feel like there has to be a happy balance out there somewhere. Or maybe I just need new clothes... yes. That's the answer.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hanky Update

I am pleased to report that, just as I was going to give up on Operation Hanky, something inspired me to keep going.

Southbound Brown Line, this morning: Man in a suit reading a hardcover Jonathan Kellerman novel sniffles, snorts, and snozzles his way to the seat next to mine. I offer up the new CVS travel pack, and he accepts. He tries to give the pack back after taking one and I say he can keep it. He... THANKED ME! And then... USED THE KLEENEX! And then... STOPPED SNIFFLING. This is a major breakthrough. He thanked me again before getting off at Quincy.

I feel energized in my mission. So, for every 7 people who refuse you and continue to sniffle, there is one genuine taker. Not bad.

Monday, May 15, 2006


See what's become of me? That is one of the songs that they play at the Dry Cleaners I go to, on the 80's Hell station of Dry Cleaning. The Bangles version, of course.

Unlike the Jewel we now go to at Foster & Pulaski. I remember when it opened, but never lived far enough west to want to go there. They play the "great songs but here is the original version that never really took off" station. I heard the Cat Stevens recording of Another Saturday Night yesterday, followed up by some kind of other recognizable but... not really song. Good times.

Anyone care that Aras won Survivor? I'm glad he won, but once again there was not a lot of likability this season. It's like watching a bunch of people you work with on an island, where you don't know them that well but it's fun to see if they get hit on the head with a coconut this week. Unlike another show about an island that is way more rewarding. Yes, Temptation Island. NO!! Lost of course. I don't work with anyone nearly as good looking as the people on Lost. That's probably a good thing.

Cinnamon at Gaper's Block (who I actually worked for the same company as until this past March, but since I am un-cool I was not part of her hipster 5th Floor Scene) posted this re-blog link for knitters. Thanks! Eventually my knitting will be back in action, and once I can figure out how to knit on the elevated without dirty looks from people who think I must have way more space than I actually do because I can wield needles, I'll be all over it.

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