Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Scratch!

Today is my husband's birthday! Happy birthday to my loyal blog reader, chef, and field trip buddy for life! I love you Scratch!

It's been a big week for birthdays, several at work and also in the blogoweb. Is there enough cake for everyone? Not if I'm around. Birthday cake is the best kind of cake. Whenever I am asked "what would your last meal be?" I always answer "one whole birthday cake." Delicious, and currently in season. Over the next two weeks, I will be eating lots of birthday cake for Scratch, my aunt, my brother, my mom, and my sister. It really takes the edge off of summer ending, believe me.

The oxygen tank we rented for Chris's grandparents' visit is being picked up tomorrow. I will kind of miss it - it lent an official, hospital-quality feeling to our second bedroom. G'bye, tank!

In bizarre myspace news, someone messaged me via myspace saying I look familiar, did I hang out @ Belmont & Clark in the late eighties. If that isn't the most generic thing ever, anyone in Chicago would say yes to that right? So then the mysterious person said no, I remember you from Fleet's. Now how many suburbanite Medusa's people would actually remember Fleet's, since their parents would usually drop them off on School***? So the myspace stranger gets points. I am mildly curious about who this person is but simultaneously depressed about how old I am, that we are talking close to 20 years ago when I sat and ate disgusting cheap fries with my friends and had just enough carfare to get home on the Clark Street bus to what is now the hot and happening West Edgewater. Good times.

***Yes, we used to mock them. "Thanks for the ride DAD!" "Nice boots, did you get those at Woodfield?" "708!" Man the world was so much simpler then, you were a 312 or a 708 and that was that. The 708s had seven dollars to go into a juice bar. To be 14 again.

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