Thursday, September 01, 2005

What a Surprise!

I was so happy when Scratch & I moved in together so I wouldn't live in Jan Schakowsky's district. I really, really dislike her and her media-glutton ways. The fact that she is using her husband's illegal activities to get attention to herself is just low! Gross. And if you think Rich White Republicans are the only people who do bad things? Guess again! Rich White Democrats are the exact same animal with a different press kit.

Chicago Tribune | Consumer watchdog guilty

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Go See This!

It was worth it. Buy your tickets online though - the lines are huge. The one thing I will say about this exhibit, is that Scratch & I went to the Oakton Market about a week later and it all came back to me in the meat section. I got a little queasy. Not blowing chunks, but definitely had no desire to eat anything remotely like what my body is made of.

I think that it's a good idea in general to go to these traveling exhibits. I'm so glad my mom took us to see the Muppets exhibit at the MSI when we were kids, and we also saw King Tut when that came, and we saw the big Pompeii exhibit, too. It's important!

Chicago Tribune | `Body' to pull 2 all-nighters

Monday, August 29, 2005

This Article is NOT Exaggerating!

Scratch & I were at this catastrophe on Saturday night. We were so, so disappointed. We gave up the second time we saw the opening living room sketch and heard Amy Poehler go:


Yeah, at that point, we were out of there.

Something I found more offensive was the audience in general. Here are some "overheards" Chicagoist-style:

The people behind us, who totally sucked and screamed in Scratch's ear to get a friend's attention:

Girl: My boyfriend? He took me to New York? And we saw two plays. I had never seen a play before. I wanted the actors to start singing!
Guy: The popularity of musical theater proves the utter stupidity of human beings.
Other Guy: Blah blah blah.

Endless blather! Shut Up!

Then, in the refund line - different people:
Girl: Oh My GAWD, one lady wanted a refund for her $95 dress!
Guy: Oh, who spends only $95 on a dress? That's pretty cheap isn't it?

I was considering taking iO classes to boost my imaginary stand-up career, but I'm pretty soured on the whole experience. Sorry, my comic heroes - I don't blame you, but your show sucked!

Chicago Tribune news : Entertainment

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