Friday, July 15, 2005

Finally! An Explanation...

It's really, really difficult to get a pin or a mug or anything personalized with the name "Maggie." Forget my full name (Marguerite) - but it's SUPER easy to get Madison, Mackenzie, and, as I discovered on our most recent trip to Disney World, McKayla (?)

See how your name measures up, popularity-wise, at this cool site.

Trading Up - Where do baby names come from? By Steven D.�Levitt�and Stephen J.�Dubner

Some New Titles

On the train this morning, I started thinking about new names for this blog:

My recent trend of linking to another blog's whiny take on some story has turned me into this big Internet curmudgeon. I hate over-reacting to crap. Especially when people think it's SO COOL to over-react and make everything into some potentially freedom-threatening issue. Shut up, already.

Boy do I hate bare feet. Ugh. Flip Flops suck. Cover your damn feet. It's sanitary.

Well, that's it for now.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Who Cares? Or: Hmmm... $3.00 fares or learning yet ANOTHER name for the North-South

As someone who still hasn't gotten the hang of the color-coded 'lines' of the train, I don't see the big deal.

Guess what? Before it was the "Red Line" it was referred to as the following:
The Howard Line
The North-South
The "HO-DAR" (my favorite)

The "Brown Line" was the Ravenswood El.
The "Blue Line" was the O'Hare train.

Here's the thing: All the commuters who are so furious about this must just hate corporate sponsorship. Because thinking that the "Motorola O'Hare Line" or the "ALDI West Line" or the "Northwestern University Express" is going to confuse people so much that they will never, ever take the train again, then they are just ridiculous. But if it keeps fares down, and is a creative way to keep employees, then go for it. Nobody complains about the iPod ads on the sides of the cars, or the ads inside the train telling us to get tested for syphilis. So, what's wrong with sponsoring a station?

Stop whining, people! And focus on the real money-waster of the CTA paying consultants 1.2 Mil just to think that up?

Chicago Tribune news : Local news

Just a Few Geeks... or are we Freaks?

Originally uploaded by baranpower.
Paul Feig's appearance last night was really entertaining. What a nice man. He seemed genuinely happy that so many people came out to see him.

Thanks to Scratch's pal Tom Pazen for snapping the pic!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You Can't Fire Me, I QUIT!

Wow. I haven't read such a perfect news story in a long time. Poor Edwin May III. First, he probably paid money to see the show. Then, he realizes he forgot his garbage bag poncho. He gets "sledge-o-maticked" by a comedy has-been. And finally, to add insult to injury, he gets no damages from the (probably broke) offender. - Fan files lawsuit against Gallagher

I Don't Think This Is Such A Big Deal Already!

While I'm sure Chicagoist and Sound Opinions fans have better things to do than nitpick the terms and conditions of their outdoor festival activities, this whole water issue seems to be a little over-the-top. Being un-cool and too old for these outdoor shenanigans, I don't plan to participate in the Intonation Music Festival, and while I think their rules page is a little extreme (especially the 'no re-entry' thing) I have a sneaking suspicion that nobody with a 16.4 oz bottle of Ice Mountain in their backpack is going to be denied admission.

Sometime, hipsters, and especially the internet-savvy message-board loving hipsters, drive me bananas. They want so badly to have something to protest or nitpick or show everyone how right they are and how wrong the establishment is, even if said establishment is Pitchfork Media which they all take their orders from when it comes to what music it's OK to like today. It's like people who will bitch and moan about a person/issue on the Internet but would never confront it in real-life. Like people at a store who complain loudly to their shopping partner about something on the floor blocking the aisle instead of just pushing it to the side or, God forbid, picking it up (I am referring to merchandise and not vomit/poopy diapers/children here.)

Of course, the theory on this rule that nobody has explored is: Maybe the organizers did not arrange to have Portable Toilets on site in order to save money and keep ticket prices down, and therefore are trying to discourage attendees from consuming anything that may make them have to pee. I think that is a perfect rumor. Too bad nobody who could seriously rumor the crap out of that reads this page.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cell Phone Headsets. Of COURSE They Aren't Safer

I apologize in advance if the link doesn't work. I love the Trib, but the registration thing makes it hard to link to sometimes.

When is the only time you notice that a driver is on the phone? Come on, think about it.

When the person is driving like a jerk. Right? Nobody notices that someone in front of them/oncoming in the left turn lane/etc. is on the phone until you say "Come on, Jerk! Maybe if you weren't on the PHONE you'd know how to change lanes/make a left/stay in your lane/whatever."

My ultimate dream for this cell phone ban: Cops can't pull someone over just for driving like a jerk. Well, not convincingly. Driving like a jerk is pretty subjective. But, if the jerk is on a cell phone, the cop has a legit reason to give this person a ticket. This could possibly lead to people driving more carefully to avoid being spotted by a cop! That would make me happy. Just follow the Rules of the Road.

Oh, and Rules of the Road? It's for you, too, bike riders! You want my respect? At least slow down at a stop sign OK? Don't go halfway into an intersection like a pedestrian at red lights looking for a cheat!

When did I become this crabby old woman?

Chicago Tribune news : Technology

Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em

Chicagoist has a good article on the smoking ban. Whatever happened to moderation? That's all I can say. I quit smoking two years ago, and Scratch and I had a relapse over the weekend (we quickly got over it.) I think it was due to all this smoking talk on the television and radio. Why can't there be a compromise with this ban? All opinions on the matter seem really selfish and extreme. And, for my selfish and extreme take?

I love the smell of taverns in the summertime. Real corner taverns whose names end in "Tap." I've loved the heady aroma of beer and cigarettes and club soda and Cheezlets since I was very little and my dad would take me to the Ridge Inn to watch TV and eat a cheesburger from Rosen's. Banning smoking will remove a key element of that smell. So, don't ban smoking everywhere! Find a balance, I beg you, Local Government!

Monday, July 11, 2005

I Can't Keep Track

Just see Justin's post on some kind of blog-universe-folding-in-on-itself Eric Zorn thing. I'm still new to the blog universe, but this seems really similar to those "email this to 10 people for good luck" emails. Junk-blogging, if you will. Since the third secret of Fatima has already been revealed, there's just not a lot in it for me anymore with this chain stuff.

Makin' it in the Land of Linkin'

Wow, so probably because Justin linked to it, Eric Zorn put my Trader Joe's investigative report on his "land of linkin'" thing on his blog. Wow! Thanks to all. Now go shop at Jerry's or Northeastern or even that hipster haven Stanleys to feel better about yourself.

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