Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dear Weezer

(Just in case anyone from Weezer reads this blog, as the Chicago Police seem to)

Dear Weezer,

I know, I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that when you look out into the mob of fans in Grant Park, you won't see me. It's my job, see. I have to fly to a meeting at 5AM tomorrow. It just wasn't going to happen. I know, when you play "Dope Nose" you will be wishing you can see me and Scratch embracing - you know it's our special song - and instead you will see Greg Kot calling you a honky. I'll make it up to you, I swear.



Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm In An Abusive Relationship

Not with my husband. Scratch is the greatest, most non-abusive husband EVER. My self-destructive relationship is with United Airlines, and its partner airline US Airways. That is the only way I can describe my experience this week with them. In fact, I just spent 20 minutes writing out the saga and am now deleting it, because the overwhelming reality is that nobody cares - not you, not United, nobody except me. So I'll spare you the gory details and sum up:

To do a 2 Hour presentation Wedensday in Palm Beach, Florida, I:
I have to fly United again on Sunday. I have to keep going back. United loves to slap me around and then turn around and give me a better seat to get me home more comfortably. I hate them, but I have no alternative. Wish me luck on Sunday.

The Police Read My Blog

Wow - just a couple of weeks ago I was wishing that more cyclists would brush up on the "Rules of the Road" - and while I was in Florida they started ticketing Lakeview residents. Awesome.

Now, on chicagoist and other Chicago blogs, and even in the editorial section of the Trib, you will see cyclists saying that they are the SOLUTION, cars are the problem, and cars do this, and cars do that, and waah waah waah.

Being in favor of making cyclists follow rules is not condoning drivers not following the rules. Don't you jerks get it? EVERYONE should follow the rules. It's what makes this a frickin' society.

As a driver, I love the bike lanes painted on Damen Ave. - it clearly defines my dancing space and your dancing space. I won't go on your turf, please don't go on mine and weave and be all crazy. Otherwise I will just assume you are on a bike due to getting a DUI.

Let's all be safe, kids! And, since the cops are obviously taking their cues from this blog - how about stopping property owners from growing tall grass on the corners? It completely obstructs visibility at intersections. How about saying you can't have foliage higher than 3 feet in a corner grass area? Please and thank you!
Chicago Tribune Bicyclists not free to ride as they please

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

12 Hours in the Airport...

And all I get is a $32 reuben for dinner. Yay, work!
Oh, by the way? United and US Airways can, collectively, suck it. More later from the compound-like Breakers resort in West Palm Beach, FL, where I am apparently staying in the "Jane and Michael" room that has two full-sized beds instead of queens or a king. Mary Poppins will not be tucking me in, I'm afraid.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Shane Swank, We Need You

Eric Zorn posted about the Sun Times dropping Nancy in his blog. Looks like our desire for Nancy's spiky head can only be fulfilled by Chicago artist Shane Swank, who has been painting Nancy homages for decades.

Not Everyone Gets a Harry Potter Book

So, on Saturday morning I had a dentist appointment at 8AM. My dentist's office is across the street from the CPL branch by Devon & California.

There was a girl there, at 7:45 AM, waiting patiently by the front doors. Another teenage boy rode up on a bike. By the time I left with much cleaner teeth, new toothbrush in hand, there was a crowd of 15-20 people outside of the library, which still wasn't open. It struck me: Harry Potter. These are the kids that didn't get to go to any of the Harry Potter parties, or buy a copy at midnight.

Suffice to say I wanted very badly to go over to the Borders in Lincoln Village, buy a copy, and give it to the girl who was first in line. I would have told her to register it with bookcrossing and to pass it on to her friends. I didn't do it. But after seeing that crowd of kids at the library I thought to myself "Spoiled Brats!" every time one of those Oak Park Harry Potter fests was on the news.

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