Thursday, April 13, 2006

Now I Know Why People Have Cell Cameras

If only I could perfect sneakiness!

This is hardly tattler-worthy, but yesterday on the train there was this guy "blasting his headphones" at the rest of us. I could only hear the phrase "night thing" over and over. Then I look at the guy and he's wearing those checkerboard pants, like he works in a kitchen. He is lipsynching all the words to... the extended remix of the I'm In Love With A Stripper song. The look on the woman's face who was sitting by him was so priceless, so very, very annoyed... I actually laughed out loud, pretending I was reading David Sedaris instead of the so-so mystery I was finishing. Good times, good times...

Speaking of Good Times, Justin has a great Zorn-esque comment thread happening on things that don't hold up from childhood. Shows like the A-Team - which I religiously watched every week but could not recall the details of an episode if I was held at gunpoint, and so on. In the opposite vein of this sentiment, something that has totally stood the test of time is KIDS IN THE HALL.

Scratch never saw KITH in their heyday, and it is so frustrating for me! He doesn't like watching my DVDs (or old taped-off-of TV VHS tapes for that matter) because he feels it's too much pressure to like something as much as I do. While I understand, it would be nice once in a while to say that I'm going to summon Man Servant Hecubus and not have Scratch look at me like I'm insane. Just Sayin'.

So, in closing, do not avoid the puppies of purgatory! Go watch some old Kids in the Hall and tell me that I'm not alone in thinking they are still funny.

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