Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Byron's in the FOXhole...

I'm very upset that I haven't seen Byron or any FOX Chicago people lately. Maybe they are all driving to work these days.

Speaking of driving to work...
Scratch usually has to go to River Forest for school one night a week. For the past two years the drill has been: Scratch gets up earlier, takes the car to Oak Park, takes the green line downtown to work, takes the green line back to Oak Park after work, gets the car, drives to River Forest. Why? Because we thought parking downtown would be an arm and a leg.

Enter the early bird special. $15 for the whole day. That's just $5 more than the Oak Park garage, and carries the benefits of a) no green line and b) Maggie gets a ride to work too! Whee! And since we don't have to use the expressway, it's really not that hard to get downtown in the morning. This is awesome.

I feel like I've abandoned this blog - I really just don't have any news. Do you really care that last night during Wheel of Fortune, as Vannah stood in front of some plantation, I exposed that I had no idea what the difference is between a plantation and a farm? And Scratch just totally knew the difference (I was like, "Slaves. It must be slaves.") And that is when I'm not so proud of my Chicago Public Schools education. We learned a lot abou slavery, but not so much about the difference between commodity vs. produce farming. And that is why Scratch & I make such a great team. He knows the important stuff. I'm not sure what I bring to the table, I'll think of something. I ask the important questions?

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