Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gawker: Stalker: Evanston

Well well. Who was dining at Lulu's last night with three young ladies? None other than Joey Slotnick, of "hey, it's that guy!" fame. Scratch was going to approach him and ask if he was at Jim's barbecue, because Scratch could swear he knew him from somewhere. He didn't get the chance.

Won't You Be Our Houseguest?

Scratch and I were the perfect hosts this weekend to his grandparents, visiting from Pittsburgh. We did all the things the elderly enjoy:

Scratch was making fun of me because while he did most of the driving, I was waxing eloquent with his grandmother about pre-needs and prunes. This, combined with my affinity for bananas and Real Oldies 1690, give Scratch pause. Has he really married the youngest 70 year old woman alive? Is this some sort of Tales from the Crypt where I turn into a wrinkled canasta player when he's not around?

Hey, I give the crowd what they want. And if the crowd wants prunes, I go with the prunes. Just swing on by Shady Acres... uh... I mean, our place, anytime!

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