Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Coolest Blog Of The Week!

Even VH1 thinks so, as they have tapped this funny person to recap Flavor of Love 2 for their celebreality blog.

Personally, I'll stick with the Project Runway recaps. If you're looking for a PR fix before tonight's episode, here is where to get it!

Go check it out while I'm not funny over here!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gettin' Homemaker-y

Today I go back to work. I had requested last Friday & Monday off a while back in case Scratch and I went away for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. He decided instead that having a mixer would last longer than memories of a fish boil, so we scrapped the weekend. But, since I had to fill out forms and stuff to take the days, I just kicked around the house. It was fortunate since we had to have the dryer guy come out yesterday. But it was unfortunate, because I got a tiny taste of haus frau-dom, and it hurts to give it back!

Like a mediocre Stephen King story, I'll assign a machine to be the 'dark force' of change in the story. This machine is an onyx black Kitchen Aid Professional 5 10 speed mixer. Oh yes. You who know me say "But, Maggie... you do not care for such things." Oh but that is where you are wrong. I was captivated by the siren song of the paddle almost immediately. And I couldn't wait to be alone with it...

So Friday and yesterday I did all kinds of haus frau activities. On Friday, I cleaned the place up, washing BEDDING, not just doing the laundry. Uh-huh! I went to Costco with my mom for some stuff. I 'ran errands.' I brought the mixer home. The MIXER. Scratch made pizza dough with the mixer! Yum, how cool is the mixer? The mixer is the new cat!

Then on Monday, I waited for the dryer guy to come! Then I went to Costco to buy Olive Oil, half & half, and romaine lettuce! I made pizza dough. Oh yeah. Then I made not one, but two varieties of oatmeal cookie. All the while doing laundry! Yes! Laundry! Then I cleaned the kitchen floor, exercised a little (!), took a shower, and promptly crashed around 6PM, to be awakened to fresh pizza baked by my husband, who brought home the bacon and baked it up in a pizza for the wife.

It terrifies me that I could get so used to doing this stuff all the time. That work could be a novelty, something I do a couple few days a week. Then I log into the bank website and see, oh yeah, I guess the paychecks wouldn't keep coming would they? Grrr. And that I really kind of like what I do, even if sometimes I don't like who I'm doing it for on any given day. OK, fine. Back to work.

I guess if this were actually a Stephen King story the mixer would have eaten my hand, or my soul. Sorry to lead you on like that.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Home Ownership

Well, apartment ownership at least. Most of the time, it's great.

Last night, I threw a load of clothes into the dryer. About 20 minutes in, I went to pull out some of Scratch's shirts so I could finish them "on the line" (meaning the backs of some chairs.) And it smelled BAD. Worse than when your vacuum cleaner has a bad belt. Like burnt rubber and plastic.

Did you know that about 14,000 dryer fires occur each year, according to the CDC? And most of them are lint-trap related. I'm a good lint trapper. I vacuum that sucker out. I clean the tray and make sure water can run through it. Yes, I am a nerd about it! And still we are punished by this broken dryer that made all the clothes smell industrial-strength BAD.

If we didn't own it, we could call the landlord and be all gripey about why isn't it fixed yet? But, because we own it, I have to be faced with the reality that I don't know any dryer-repair people, and I have to trust the Yellow Pages. I hate not "knowing a guy." How old are you before you know a guy in almost any field? I want to be there. I want to be able to go to the fridge, to some faded list of phone numbers hand-written stuck under a magnet, and see the number of who to call when X, Y, or Z happens. Who's got that list? Can I borrow it? Or at least make a copy real quick?

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