Friday, September 23, 2005

Right of Way, My ASS

Being a veteran of Michigan Avenue, I can attest that the number one traffic nuisance is people who cross against arrow-lights - you know, the left turn arrows? The cars finally get the arrow, and then they can't go because everyone just crosses the street, and everyone yells at the evil motorists.

Whatever. I think the threat is what the OEM wants, not to actually ticket people. Kind of like the Cell Phone Car Law Thing - I still see assholes constantly on their phones while driving. Or the bike riders who were supposedly going to start getting tickets. That sure didn't last long.

Where this need this law the most is EVANSTON, IL. Northwestern Graduate Degrees don't include basic "Big Car has green light, you stop walking" lessons, apparently. It's like driving through a county fair every day. On several occasions, pedestrians will look at my green light, look right at me speeding towards them, and step directly into the path of my car, forcing me to stop at a GREEN LIGHT, people. This sucks for so many reasons. Shouting at these people does nothing, except make me look like an angry motorist.

Once again, it all boils down to the crumbling of common sense in our society. "The Man" has to start ticketing people (motorists, cyclists, pedestrians) because nobody seems to value common sense, follow basic rules, or want to be part of an orderly civilization. Walking in the crosswalk DOES NOT MAKE YOU A SELLOUT!

In fact, none of the following actions qualify you for 'sellout' status:

Walking with the appropriate traffic light
Paying attention while driving a car
Paying attention while riding a bike
Stopping at stop signs
Putting your gum or litter in a garbage can instead of throwing it on the ground
Leashing your dog
Saying "Please" or "Thank You"

OK I'm done.

Chicago Tribune Walking the walk may cost

Thursday, September 22, 2005

When MySpace Bites Ya!

So, I joined MySpace a couple of days ago after my friend Mimi sent me an invitation. Being married, and kind of lame, I have little use for what I thought was a dating/band networking site. But I'm having a bit of fun with it.

Something I have found amusing is that total strangers will send you messages asking you to add them as 'your friend.' Wha? Do I KNOW you? Well, in one case... I DID!

I got a message from some guy in some band asking me to add him as a friend. I saw his picture and immediately recognized him as a very nice guy who was in a band called Love Kit like 10 years ago - he used to come to my brother's short-lived record store a lot. The last time I saw him he was in a band called "Super 8 C-m Shot" and apparently the band changed their name and is living in San Francisco or something. So I think, I totally know this guy! But why would he even single me out? Well, he randomly was trying to expand his network.

I wrote him a message back saying "I totally know you." And he was all "Oh yeah? Thanks!" but not like "Yeah I know you too that's why I sent you the message!" Which would have been a great cover - but no, it was just acquaintance-spam.

Do you have myspace? I will mark you as my friend if you would like. It would be my pleasure.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thanks, Eric Zorn!

Zorn's blog has a great thread of 'gone but not forgotten' businesses. Growing up walking up and down Clark St., the ones I miss most/relate to:

Ideal Candies - cool old fashioned soda fountain. Harriet the Spy drank Chocolate Egg Creams, and Ideal Candies would make them for me and my friend Adrianne. Who knew bosco and club soda could be so magical?

Rainbo Roller Rink - The coolest of the cool kids had their birthday parties there. Sigh. All skate!

Sip N Straw - Far superior to 31 Flavors. On Clark near Farragut.

I also remember a LOT of the businesses in the thread, like ZAYRE of course, and Polk Bros., and Chas. A. Stevens - but cry the beloved Clark Street, I miss those places.

I've Turned On the Word Verification

Due to my very first COMMENT SPAM! Wow! I feel so much more like a part of the 'blogiverse' now that my comments contain spam! Sorry for the inconvenience.

A Big "Whatever" for Marshall Field's

I was pleasantly surprised to find several people echoing my 'so what' feelings about the big scandal of Marshall Field's losing its name. In my opinion, Marshall Field's hasn't been itself since it was purchased by Dayton Hudson. When Uncle Mistletoe and Aunt Holly were taken out of the windows at Christmas, it was over. Remember the big Grinch theme? That was not Marshall Field's.

And their service? Consistently bad for the last ten years. Products? Not really that great. I switched to Lord & Taylor back then, and on my infrequent returns to MF for special things (like bridal shoes) I've been treated like crap. Frangos? Come on, everyone knows Fannie May's mint meltaways stomp on Frangos.

Why hang on? Why keep insisting that the store is so important? It hasn't felt like Marshall Field's in a long, long time. So hello, Macy's - and a big 'whatever' to ya!

Chicago Tribune | Field's no more

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Heart Sufjan!

This picture is actually from the show in NYC, but the setup was very similar at Metro Friday night. Wow is this Sufjan guy amazing - I really hope he is as sincere in real life as he seems to be from his onstage persona. He's like the Great Pumpkin of music or something. I was really happy that he sang a great song from his Seven Swans album, To Be Alone With You, it's about Jesus! And he sang it to a sold out crowd at Metro! JESUS, people! I just think that's so... great and cool!

We got a really cool poster in what used to be Clubhouse. Listen to this: Metro management decided to use the Clubhouse space, but you have to enter through Metro's main hallway - you can only exit out from the street side. Which led to an enormous clusterfuck after the show let out, did I mention it was a sellout? So it took us some ridiculous amount of time to buy the poster. I'm thinking they would make a lot more money if they set that store up in a more logical fashion.

OH! And this obnoxious guy butted in front of us, and proceeded to play some sort of GOLF video game on his cell phone. WHAT? You, sir, are not only boorish, but a huge nerd.

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