Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Latest Imaginary Best Friend

So, never to be one on the cutting edge, I saw Wendy McClure's book a couple of weeks ago at the Book Cellar. Unfortunately, it was one of those days when I was looking, not buying. Then, I found the book's website, which led me to Wendy's site Pound(y.)

We were at Borders on Saturday to buy an audio book for Chris's dad, and I did the thing I most despise about Borders/BN - I read the first two chapters while Chris was looking at cookbooks. To me, it is practically shoplifting. It's also why I can never get a nice clean copy of anything at Borders or BN, they are all beat to hell by people who sat down and licked their fingers and touched the pages (ew.) It's like used book shopping at full price. We bought the audio book but decided to make our book purchases at Book Cellar because 1) we like them and 2) we are in their book buyer club. But ANYWAY.

We went back to Book Cellar last night and I bought the book - Wendy won the "Choose Your Own Adventure" award for being the first book in a while that I yanked out of the bag and read immediately. I'm almost done.

I have a friend-crush on Wendy -I am wondering if I ever bumped into her at Lincolnwood Town Center but didn't notice because I was busy trying to pretend I wasn't there.
Buy Wendy's book!

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