Friday, July 08, 2005

Premise for Police Academy XIV

OK, so this story? How embarassing is this? Wait, let me get this straight: This guy escapes from jail, apparently by sneaking into the locker room of County and putting on an employee uniform, robs a bank, hooks up with a chick, uses her phone, leaves evidence at her house, gets robbed by some other guy and the cops, who have been seeing this guy plastered everywhere, take a statement and drive him to the el station. This guy can't be too smart, but the police still can't catch him. And hey! He had no ID, so the cops just took his fake name at his word. If only he had been walking a dog off leash with some yuppie assholes - he would have gotten arrested! Let this be a lesson to said yuppie no-leash assholes: Be nice to the cops and they won't arrest you for having no ID. Obviously this dude must have put on some 'yes officer' stuff for them to buy his story hook, line, and sinker.

Somebody please call Michael Winslow, we've got a new PA installment here.

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