Wednesday, July 06, 2005

R You Kidding Me?

So, R Kelly. Everyone talks about him. Justin loves him. The Ignition Remix was a hit at our wedding reception. Scratch has several of R Kelly's 12" singles. I went to Kenwood supposedly at the same time he did*. And now, Trapped in the Closet. Good Grief. Thanks to VHI, I've seen the video in its entirety. Random thoughts on TITC:

I suppose that I 'don't get it' and that this is some kind of ironic cheezy hit that everyone hates to love or loves to hate. But after hearing people call in on different radio stations like "OhmyGAWD THIS is what radio NEEDS, y'all!" and a message board praising RK for addressing the DL, I'm thinking a lot of other people aren't getting it either. As for the rest of his record, the Sun Times review is pretty good.


It is great. in a love hate hate love kind of way...
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