Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gettin' Homemaker-y

Today I go back to work. I had requested last Friday & Monday off a while back in case Scratch and I went away for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. He decided instead that having a mixer would last longer than memories of a fish boil, so we scrapped the weekend. But, since I had to fill out forms and stuff to take the days, I just kicked around the house. It was fortunate since we had to have the dryer guy come out yesterday. But it was unfortunate, because I got a tiny taste of haus frau-dom, and it hurts to give it back!

Like a mediocre Stephen King story, I'll assign a machine to be the 'dark force' of change in the story. This machine is an onyx black Kitchen Aid Professional 5 10 speed mixer. Oh yes. You who know me say "But, Maggie... you do not care for such things." Oh but that is where you are wrong. I was captivated by the siren song of the paddle almost immediately. And I couldn't wait to be alone with it...

So Friday and yesterday I did all kinds of haus frau activities. On Friday, I cleaned the place up, washing BEDDING, not just doing the laundry. Uh-huh! I went to Costco with my mom for some stuff. I 'ran errands.' I brought the mixer home. The MIXER. Scratch made pizza dough with the mixer! Yum, how cool is the mixer? The mixer is the new cat!

Then on Monday, I waited for the dryer guy to come! Then I went to Costco to buy Olive Oil, half & half, and romaine lettuce! I made pizza dough. Oh yeah. Then I made not one, but two varieties of oatmeal cookie. All the while doing laundry! Yes! Laundry! Then I cleaned the kitchen floor, exercised a little (!), took a shower, and promptly crashed around 6PM, to be awakened to fresh pizza baked by my husband, who brought home the bacon and baked it up in a pizza for the wife.

It terrifies me that I could get so used to doing this stuff all the time. That work could be a novelty, something I do a couple few days a week. Then I log into the bank website and see, oh yeah, I guess the paychecks wouldn't keep coming would they? Grrr. And that I really kind of like what I do, even if sometimes I don't like who I'm doing it for on any given day. OK, fine. Back to work.

I guess if this were actually a Stephen King story the mixer would have eaten my hand, or my soul. Sorry to lead you on like that.

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