Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Music Festivals

We didn't go to Lollapalooza, so I don't have a Lolla-Blog-Post. But I don't hate it either, so I don't have an anti-Lollapalooza blog post either. Yay for you if you went... One day at Pitchfork was enough to tell me that my pasty legs need not apply for any more outdoor music.

Scratch saw Sonic Youth at the Double Door because he and a friend made a pact that if either of them won tickets they'd take the other one, much like a reward challenge on Survivor. I don't know why I find this so amusing.

We watched Flavor of Love 2 on Sunday night, and Scratch has deemed it 'possibly the greatest television show ever.' What other show turns someone crapping on the floor into a plot device? I'm telling you these reality show editors need to be in the Writers Guild. They earn it the hard way.

And last but not least, we added another player to our cat basketball team (now currently at 2.) We needed a mature big man for our center, so we adopted Wallace from Animal Control on Saturday. The cats are in quarantine from each other until the vet tomorrow night, so things are a little weird around here. I'll have pictures up soon enough, because I know the Interweb loves it some cat pictures!

Let's see some pictures of the new guy!
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