Friday, September 19, 2008

True Story about Dum Dums

So, OK. I went to someone's desk last week and she had all the BEST flavors of dum dum lollipops on her desk - butterscotch, root beer, and chocolate! So I snagged one and complimented her on her excellent taste in candy.

She said "Please, take them all! These are the flavors nobody wanted from the giant bucket I brought in a month ago!"

So I realized that when I was a kid, my mom worked in a doctor's office. And we would get the suckers from there now and then (of course this was before dum dums were deemed a choking hazard and replaced by Safety Suckers.)

So I think they are the best flavors because we got the ones nobody else wanted. Funny how that works!

I like those flavors, too.

I hate all the fruit flavored Dum Dums.
Dum Dums are for dum dums.
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