Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madre Maria Gesuina Diotti is Praying for Me

Michael loves books. He loves pulling them down from the shelves. Today, he especially loved a pocket New Testament from approximately 1919 (John P. Daleiden Co., 1530 Sedgwick St. Chicago, ILL.) Tucked inside of it was a prayer card I never knew was there.

It is a picture and small relic ("ex indumentis" or "from the clothing") for a Madre Maria Gesuina Diotti of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.) I am going to print this prayer because I think Michael found this for me today for a good reason.

To recite privately to obtain graces and miracles through the intercession of the servant of God
Maria Gesuina Diotti

O Almighty and merciful God Who findest Thy delights in the children of man and art admirable in Thy Saints, I believe in Thee, I love Thee, I adore Thee and I entreat Thee, through the intercession of Thy faithful Servant Maria Gesuina Diotti to grant me the grace of healing the sickness which is worrying me.
Work, o my God, the miracle, hear my prayer, glorify Thy most humble Servant for Thy greatest glory, however not my will but Thine be done and blessed for ever. Amen.

Three Glory Be to the Father.

Also printed on the card:
"Those who by reciting this prayer obtain distinguished and miraculous graces would, please, send a relation to the Superior Missionaire Del S. Cuore, Via Ulisse Aldrovandi, 15, Rome, Italy.

I said it for you too. Do not despair, my dear friend, God has his reasons for everything.
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