Monday, July 02, 2007

No, wait... it's July?

Because I would never know that this past weekend marked the beginning of July. I swear that every resident within a 6 block radius of us had a fun time driving to Indiana on Saturday morning so that firecrackers could be in FULL EFFECT all day and night. For the whole weekend.

At the last "CAPS" meeting (where residents go and talk to the beat cops) the cops essentially told us that calling them for fireworks was useless. Because there are just too many people with fireworks, so nothing can be done. I understand the limited resources of the police department. I really, truly do. But could I adopt that attitude towards my life?

"Sorry honey, there is just too much laundry. Look, it's everywhere. I have more important things to do right now, it is silly of you to ask me to wash the clothing."
"Sorry boss, the emails? They will just keep on coming. It's pointless for me to spend five minutes on one, because then the rest will just keep coming anyway."

I know this is a simplification to the extreme, but when it is 11:00 and there is work in the morning, I think this way. Because by not doing anything, essentially everyone thinks it's cool to just blow off M80s until 1AM every night from July 1 - August 31st.

Grrrrr. Happy Monday to you, too! Now I'm going to go scare some kids off my lawn and wonder what happened to the world.

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