Monday, June 04, 2007

Latest Irrational Fear

I have tons of irrational fears. Clowns? Check. Monkeys in clown suits? Check. Halloween Haunted houses where people jump out at you? Check. Since we found out that Miguel is a boy, it's impossible not to notice the boy's clothing selection in stores. If you're having a boy, your choices fall in the range of: This is probably one of my most irrational fears. Dinosaurs. I hate them! HATE. I realize that dinosaurs are extinct, and therefore pose no threat to me. But tell me that on the Jurassic Park ride at Universal, or worse yet, the "Dinosaur" ride at Animal Kingdom, which I rode once when it was called "Countdown to Extinction" and vowed never to ride again. The Museum of Science & Industry had an energy ride in the 80's, I couldn't even deal with the murky smell of it. Why do I hate/fear dinosaurs so much? Who knows. My mother has a theory, which is that I saw the movie Gremlins, in 1984, "too soon" after my father died. Same with ET. The only reason I saw Gremlins was because the Lincoln Village theater did not let me and my friend in to see Purple Rain, and it was rated PG. So I don't know about my mom's theory.

Now Scratch likes to torment me with adorable dinosaur clothing and toys. I'm going to have to suck it up for Miguel! But his father can take him on the Jurassic Park ride when the time comes.

But this time we're cashing in if I hurt my leg!
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