Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm so uncool...

I hated Napoleon Dynamite!
I don't know who is playing on the Warped Tour - really, I can't even make fun of it, because I have no idea!
I don't wear ironic shoes! In fact, I don't wear anything that could be considered ironic!
I love Broadway musicals!
I don't buy cheap beer to make a statement - I buy it because it is cheap!
I don't wear soccer clothing!
I don't have any tattoos! Really! It's true! In fact, I think tattoos are STUPID! Yeah, I said it!
No interesting piercings, either! I can barely get it together enough to wear earrings!

There's more, but I don't want to bore you. What's un-cool about you? Post a comment and tell me!

I'm not cool, either.

But you already know that.
You are so cool. You exude coolness. You, with your cool iPod and stuff.
If you switch the Napolean Dynamite and the Broadway musical, you'll be cool. That's all it takes. You like ND, hate Wicked and Hugh Jackman. One more time - love Pedro, hate Lithgow.
Well, I do hate Lithgow. But I'm sorry, Justin - if you want me to love ND, you'll have to build me a cake or something.
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