Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cell Phone Headsets. Of COURSE They Aren't Safer

I apologize in advance if the link doesn't work. I love the Trib, but the registration thing makes it hard to link to sometimes.

When is the only time you notice that a driver is on the phone? Come on, think about it.

When the person is driving like a jerk. Right? Nobody notices that someone in front of them/oncoming in the left turn lane/etc. is on the phone until you say "Come on, Jerk! Maybe if you weren't on the PHONE you'd know how to change lanes/make a left/stay in your lane/whatever."

My ultimate dream for this cell phone ban: Cops can't pull someone over just for driving like a jerk. Well, not convincingly. Driving like a jerk is pretty subjective. But, if the jerk is on a cell phone, the cop has a legit reason to give this person a ticket. This could possibly lead to people driving more carefully to avoid being spotted by a cop! That would make me happy. Just follow the Rules of the Road.

Oh, and Rules of the Road? It's for you, too, bike riders! You want my respect? At least slow down at a stop sign OK? Don't go halfway into an intersection like a pedestrian at red lights looking for a cheat!

When did I become this crabby old woman?

Chicago Tribune news : Technology

This website has a great guide on riding your bike in the city!
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