Friday, August 19, 2005

Bored Blogging: Or, What Are Others Blogging About?

OK, I am BORED (note that I am either not doing this at work, or cleverly changing the time stamp, you be the judge, boss-man!) so I will be completely non-creative by blogging about blogs (all blog links are on the right side of the blog window):

Eric Zorn: Today it is about when and how to use peoples names. Yes, I posted a comment. It's so much easier to post little comments on someone else's blog than it is to come up with something anyone would want to read. It made me remember how cool it is when making restaurant reservations that Scratch's name is "ambiguous" and so I can say his name without sounding like a 1950's secretary making a reservation for the boss.

Wendy: She posted about seeing the penguin movie. My mother in law wants to see that movie. I want to see The Aristocrats. Who am I kidding - we don't go to the movies!

Chicagoist: Blah, blah, blah. They lost me today at the point where they bragged about championing "Kopi Cafe in Andersonville." Gawd, I hate "Andersonville." I just hate it SO MUCH. And don't post a comment saying it's cool or I'll cut you. And don't post a comment asking me why I hate it unless you want an email inbox of me ranting about the Lincoln Park-ification of this whole city, my birthplace, that I used to love so much more than I do now.

Justin: Is on vacation. He's had guest stars all week. Fun. I will never do that with this blog because 1) about 3 people read it; and 2) I am lazy!

OK, enough of that, I'm bored. Now is the part where I save you time.

Were you thinking "I wonder if the Battle of the Network Reality Stars is funny, cool, or mildly entertaining?" Well, it isn't.
I TiVoed it because I thought it would be fun. But we watched the first 20 or so minutes and deleted it. The cool thing about the original Battle of the Network Stars was you were watching Wonder Woman and Epstein race each other! But with reality stars, hell, they have no magic powers, there is no mystery about who they are in real life, how they did in gym class, etc. Bummer.

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