Monday, August 08, 2005

Re-Make Mash Ups

Bill V.'s comment below reminded me of a fun game my mom and I started after watching the Bridget Fonda remake of La Femme Nikita (I think it was called Point of No Return.) The game is to 'mash up' the better parts of both the original and the remake to create the ultimate version of whatever. We hated Bridget, but loved Dermot Mulroney as the boyfriend, and Gabriel Byrne as the mysterious mentor. But Harvey Keitel was no Jean Reno. So, see, it can be done.

Another Example: The Office.
Without getting too deep into a show that's really just silly fun, I'd keep Ricky Gervais, but add Rainn Wilson from the American version. It's getting better already!

You can pretty much do this with any remake. Let's face it, with a few exceptions (like Sabrina) there are usually a couple of cool things about remakes, just not enough cool things to keep a remake from sucking. But if we can blend the old with the new, there's usually a pretty enjoyable movie or TV show or song we can enjoy without being pretentious about it ('I ONLY like the original of anything') and everyone wins!

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