Monday, July 18, 2005

Not Everyone Gets a Harry Potter Book

So, on Saturday morning I had a dentist appointment at 8AM. My dentist's office is across the street from the CPL branch by Devon & California.

There was a girl there, at 7:45 AM, waiting patiently by the front doors. Another teenage boy rode up on a bike. By the time I left with much cleaner teeth, new toothbrush in hand, there was a crowd of 15-20 people outside of the library, which still wasn't open. It struck me: Harry Potter. These are the kids that didn't get to go to any of the Harry Potter parties, or buy a copy at midnight.

Suffice to say I wanted very badly to go over to the Borders in Lincoln Village, buy a copy, and give it to the girl who was first in line. I would have told her to register it with bookcrossing and to pass it on to her friends. I didn't do it. But after seeing that crowd of kids at the library I thought to myself "Spoiled Brats!" every time one of those Oak Park Harry Potter fests was on the news.

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