Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Big "Whatever" for Marshall Field's

I was pleasantly surprised to find several people echoing my 'so what' feelings about the big scandal of Marshall Field's losing its name. In my opinion, Marshall Field's hasn't been itself since it was purchased by Dayton Hudson. When Uncle Mistletoe and Aunt Holly were taken out of the windows at Christmas, it was over. Remember the big Grinch theme? That was not Marshall Field's.

And their service? Consistently bad for the last ten years. Products? Not really that great. I switched to Lord & Taylor back then, and on my infrequent returns to MF for special things (like bridal shoes) I've been treated like crap. Frangos? Come on, everyone knows Fannie May's mint meltaways stomp on Frangos.

Why hang on? Why keep insisting that the store is so important? It hasn't felt like Marshall Field's in a long, long time. So hello, Macy's - and a big 'whatever' to ya!

Chicago Tribune | Field's no more

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