Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Got A Prize!

So, I got a prize just for coming to work today! Well, that's my version of the story.

October marks my 10 year anniversary with my company. In all honesty, I thought this would be the company I retire from when I started - happily typing away in my Administrative Assistant job. I still hope so - I truly, truly hope that this company stays cool and family focused and appreciative of employee loyalty. Unfortunately, companies in America are changing, and getting 'leaner' and 'meaner.' And that's all I will say about that.

Well, at any rate - a few months ago I got a catalog for "service awards" - so I could go to a webpage, enter my special code, and choose from an assortment of tasteful gifts - much like the OLD version of Wheel of Fortune, but think more watches & pendants and less ceramic dalmations. I chose a FOSSIL watch, engraved with my married initials.

It arrived either yesterday or Tuesday, because it was on my desk when I came in this morning - addressed to the greatest boss I've ever had, Doug C. Unfortunately, Doug C. was laid off last month. It made me very sad to read the instructions to Doug that he should prepare a thoughtful speech for me and present me my service award with dignity and appreciation and whatnot. There is even a website he could have logged into to get tips on presenting my award.

I presented the award to myself. I said, "Well, here's your fucking watch!" Which I'm sure would have made Doug laugh. Here's to you, greatest boss of all time!

That's really shitty. If your life was a movie, whoever wrote that scene would be hailed by critcs as a genius. But since it's reality it's just lame.

How long has it been since Doug was your boss, anyway?

Someone was obviously way too worried about pot brownies when they sent it out.
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