Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Heart Sufjan!

This picture is actually from the show in NYC, but the setup was very similar at Metro Friday night. Wow is this Sufjan guy amazing - I really hope he is as sincere in real life as he seems to be from his onstage persona. He's like the Great Pumpkin of music or something. I was really happy that he sang a great song from his Seven Swans album, To Be Alone With You, it's about Jesus! And he sang it to a sold out crowd at Metro! JESUS, people! I just think that's so... great and cool!

We got a really cool poster in what used to be Clubhouse. Listen to this: Metro management decided to use the Clubhouse space, but you have to enter through Metro's main hallway - you can only exit out from the street side. Which led to an enormous clusterfuck after the show let out, did I mention it was a sellout? So it took us some ridiculous amount of time to buy the poster. I'm thinking they would make a lot more money if they set that store up in a more logical fashion.

OH! And this obnoxious guy butted in front of us, and proceeded to play some sort of GOLF video game on his cell phone. WHAT? You, sir, are not only boorish, but a huge nerd.

Branson sucks, but that Ozark Wildcat is one heck of a coaster.

And we all know that's what really matters when chosing a vacation destination.
Har. That was supposed to be on Adam's blog.
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