Friday, September 01, 2006

So, um... What are you doing this weekend?

Has everyone stopped having parties and cookouts on Labor Day weekend because they figure everyone will already have plans? Or have we just not been invited to any? Because we and others we know are planning "end of summer" parties specifically after Labor Day.

I've never been much of a holiday weekend-er as far as going to WI or MI or Galena. I've got nothing against it, but that kind of stuff is unappealing to me. As an adult, I have become kind of a cheapskate with myself, and a Labor Day weekend in a hotel (at Labor Day Weekend Prices!) is just a total ripoff in my eyes.

Did you see Project Runway on Wednesday? There is always a makeup tip from the head makeup guy. For weeks, it was about picking the right shade of foundation. But he changed it up and did "smoky eyes." Hm. My friend challenged me to a smoky eye-off at work the next day, and I was like "Waaa, what the heck." I did an admirable job, but the thought of dragging out and using a lot of cosmetics was such a hassle for me. And then I realized that I have let myself go.

I was never the person who had full makeup on at 8AM. But I did used to spend more effort on my hair care, skin care, clothes, appearance in general. Makeup is now for job interviews, days I have meetings, and special evenings out. I think it's a money saver, but really I must just look sloppy. I have to start paying more attention I think. My Labor Day resolution is to wear at least lipstick to work every day. There. Now hold me accountable, Internet.

I hope all this makeup application doesn't take time away from posting new entries! The secret is, never wear makeup to begin with, then no one can ever accuse you of getting lazy.
Lynn "I still own my high school prom lipstick" Hart
does chapstick count? if so, i've got it made!

i do whip out the mascara and liquid eyeliner for a night out, but other than that, i'm a lazy makeup lady. i resolve to do better as well!
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