Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hanky Update

I am pleased to report that, just as I was going to give up on Operation Hanky, something inspired me to keep going.

Southbound Brown Line, this morning: Man in a suit reading a hardcover Jonathan Kellerman novel sniffles, snorts, and snozzles his way to the seat next to mine. I offer up the new CVS travel pack, and he accepts. He tries to give the pack back after taking one and I say he can keep it. He... THANKED ME! And then... USED THE KLEENEX! And then... STOPPED SNIFFLING. This is a major breakthrough. He thanked me again before getting off at Quincy.

I feel energized in my mission. So, for every 7 people who refuse you and continue to sniffle, there is one genuine taker. Not bad.

Victory, sweet victory!
See you Saturday!
You would have hated this kid on the train this morning. I was even giving him the evil eye.

Nose picking, sniffling/snorting, wiping snot on his hand. The whole nine yards.
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