Monday, July 23, 2007

St. Ulrich

Being the swell guy he is, The Dutchman has found a saint for me who will protect Miguel and I from any harm - St. Ulrich of Augsburg! Before you get all excited about Spenser: For Hire references, check out his bio at wikipedia.

I suspect his gift for giving the right food at the right time has endeared him to the pregnant women of the world. And I'm pretty sure that fish he's holding is mercury-free.

It's funny - I am the only Catholic person in my department at work, and just last week I was trying to explain the importance of the Saints. All four women looked at me and were like, "Hmmmm." I don't think I've ever been in a religious minority before, it was strange - there's always been at least one other Catholic in the group.

Have a wonderful week!

Your comment about "the right food at the right time" is hillarious!

So glad I found your blog!

— Dutch
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