Wednesday, June 22, 2005

You Can't Have-a the Mango

Ever since we got a fruit tray from Costco, Chris & I have been on a mango loving kick. A mango spree, if you will. Chris works with a couple of guys from Jamaica who laugh at our love for stateside mangos, as they apparently cannot compare with the goodness of pure Jamaican fruit.

Now, in fear of being arrested and/or having our photos put up on a humiliation website for fruit smugglers, let's just say that one Jamaican Bombay Mango was left on our doorstep. Fresh from Jamaica. It was easy to eat! Easy to cut! And yummmmmmmy. Now we join our Jamaican friends and scoff at the Stanley's selection of bland mango. Why can't we buy them in the US?

I took a comparison shot of the Mango of Mysterious Origin next to a mango from Jerry's Fruit Market, but the sheer brilliance of the mango killed the camera. So just imagine it. It's three times bigger, first of all. And not red. And you can slice it around and pop off the top, and grab the pit with your teeth and pull it out! Go to Jamaica and order the fruit salad.

I'm completely ruined now, as far as Magos go.

I can't imagine eating anything else now.
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