Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I Don't Think This Is Such A Big Deal Already!

While I'm sure Chicagoist and Sound Opinions fans have better things to do than nitpick the terms and conditions of their outdoor festival activities, this whole water issue seems to be a little over-the-top. Being un-cool and too old for these outdoor shenanigans, I don't plan to participate in the Intonation Music Festival, and while I think their rules page is a little extreme (especially the 'no re-entry' thing) I have a sneaking suspicion that nobody with a 16.4 oz bottle of Ice Mountain in their backpack is going to be denied admission.

Sometime, hipsters, and especially the internet-savvy message-board loving hipsters, drive me bananas. They want so badly to have something to protest or nitpick or show everyone how right they are and how wrong the establishment is, even if said establishment is Pitchfork Media which they all take their orders from when it comes to what music it's OK to like today. It's like people who will bitch and moan about a person/issue on the Internet but would never confront it in real-life. Like people at a store who complain loudly to their shopping partner about something on the floor blocking the aisle instead of just pushing it to the side or, God forbid, picking it up (I am referring to merchandise and not vomit/poopy diapers/children here.)

Of course, the theory on this rule that nobody has explored is: Maybe the organizers did not arrange to have Portable Toilets on site in order to save money and keep ticket prices down, and therefore are trying to discourage attendees from consuming anything that may make them have to pee. I think that is a perfect rumor. Too bad nobody who could seriously rumor the crap out of that reads this page.

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