Friday, August 26, 2005

Living the Dream...

Last night, I was living my 15 year old dream of what my 'grownup' life would be like. Ah, yes, there I was, reclining on a red couch, drinking a glass of merlot, watching a Morrissey concert video TiVoed from the Logo Channel (OK, maybe I didn't see into the future to know there would be a gay cable channel, but cut me some slack.) Yup, that's it - the perfect evening. But if you, oh three readers, could only know what pleasure that 90 minutes brought me, you'd understand. Oh yeah, my husband was there, too - in the kitchen, making dinner, kicking ass - something the 15 year old me didn't really think about in 1988, since boys were pretty icky to me then. Only "celibate" pouters for me at 15. Oh Mozz, I'll always love you in that imaginary gay boyfriend way. Sigh.

After that blissful event, Scratch & I watched a Mitch Hedberg DVD. Mitch Hedberg, the "Kurt Cobain of Comedy." Well, I think he was a funny guy, mostly because he reminds me of the kind of guys I went to high school with - but over 30 minutes of him is a little tedious, just like with any comedian. Scratch, being the awesome husband he is, thinks that he and I are funnier. Which leads me into my new mild interest in starting a stand up act. Too bad there is nowhere to do the stand up except in my living room. Wanna come over and feed my addiction to be validated? We'll provide snacks. But seriously folks, what happened to all the bad open mic comedy nights? Am I about 2 years too late here?

Yeah, I liked last night, too.
There are plenty of bad stand-up open mics. You just gotta know where to look. Bars. Monday nights. Usually crappy irish/lakeview bars? Sorry to hear about the IO show, but have you been to NYC to the UCB theater? That was the best place to see the stars (your comedy gods) because it was small and New Yorkers don't care. But I heard they moved venues, so I can't vouge for the other one!
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