Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thanks, Eric Zorn!

Zorn's blog has a great thread of 'gone but not forgotten' businesses. Growing up walking up and down Clark St., the ones I miss most/relate to:

Ideal Candies - cool old fashioned soda fountain. Harriet the Spy drank Chocolate Egg Creams, and Ideal Candies would make them for me and my friend Adrianne. Who knew bosco and club soda could be so magical?

Rainbo Roller Rink - The coolest of the cool kids had their birthday parties there. Sigh. All skate!

Sip N Straw - Far superior to 31 Flavors. On Clark near Farragut.

I also remember a LOT of the businesses in the thread, like ZAYRE of course, and Polk Bros., and Chas. A. Stevens - but cry the beloved Clark Street, I miss those places.

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