Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wait... What?

Thursday is December 1st. Huh? Scratch and I want to have a party. We had decided on the night before new years eve, and the very next day my friend Di sent out an invite to HER night-before-new-years-eve party. Waaaah! Then we realized that the 17th is the Saturday before Christmas Eve. Jinkies! That's a lot we have to get done in a pretty short period of time. For anyone who thinks online shopping is solving all problems, I say why do I still not have pantyhose in November - yes, because I look at how much 6 pairs of opaque tights costs in my online shopping basket and give the computer the finger. Online shopping is too efficient! And it shows exactly how much money you are spending, and you don't walk away with a handy shopping bag that bites into your fingers as you walk to the car. That said, there's no way in heck I'm going to Old Orchard or any other mall-esque parking lot mob scene. So folks, if you get a gift from me, it will be from:
Have you figured out where I work yet? I'll give you a hint: within one block of these stores!

Now, back to
parties. While they appeal to the lazy side of me, since I don't have to leave the apartment, I've never been much of a hostess. I've always been more for "Meet you at X Public Place" than "Hey, come on over!" Now that we are getting older and lazier though, I guess parties are where it's at. I have decided upon a theme, which is Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special. I watch it every year during the Christmas season. I'm thinking lots of fruitcake and fun - too bad the Del Rubio Triplets are mostly deceased, or maybe I could get them for like to sing WInter Wonderland. I wonder if Grace Jones is available? Does anyone who reads this blog remember when Grace played at the club across the street from Bistro II and the fire department had to shut the club down for overcrowding? Oh for you youngsters Bistro II is what the Eagle used to be called. I digress.

we are also infected with the christmas party madness- ours is saturday the 10th? wha happen? it's too soon! aaaah! i am hoping to score a copy of the MST3k movie with santa saving the martians as our theme. (But PeeWee Xmas Special is better!)
Oooh, skully - I'd go to your MST3K party dressed in a jumpsuit! It's much easier than trying to craft a Miss Yvonne costume, or convincing Scratch to dress up like Cowboy Curtis!
I am inquiring about Bistro II (now known as The Eagle) in Chicago. I used to party there in 1990 and 1991, before I moved to Long Beach. there was a dude that used to video tape the children there I'd love to talk to him...
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Answer: Wow, Maggie, I do remember that insodent when Grace Jones played accross the street from bistro II! you've brought back good memories for me. I was a regular at Bistro then. If you ent there, you may remember me from my poc-a-dot, gold and black, MC Hammer baggie pants I used to wear. Thanks for the Memories...
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