Monday, November 14, 2005

This Week's Recipient of the Skiles Face...

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Is brought to you by United Airlines. We flew to Knoxville on one of those "United Express" commuter planes, where you get on and off like the Beatles but with fewer screaming girls. Three different flights were boarding, and we were sent out onto the field, or tarmac, or whatever you call it. But nobody on the field knew which plane was going to Knoxville! So, there were about 30 people just hanging around for 10 minutes while they played "process of elimination." United O'Hare, you get the Skiles Face.
Flying home went smoothly, except for the man sitting in front of Scratch who was squirmier than our 5 year old nephew, William. Scratch's knees took a beating from the seat going up, down, back, and forth for the entire 75 minutes in the air. Old Man in front of us, you get the Skiles Face!
And finally, businesses who exploit Christmas and the Baby Jesus to the point of nausea? Big time, holiday, Santa Hat wearing Skiles Face to you!

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