Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What's Up, Blog World...

What is scary to me is when the blog world and the real life work-go-home-buy-a-big-game-ticket world collide. I work with some Gapers Block folks, and last night I could have sworn that Justin was in front of me at the Kwik Pick on Ashland, complaining about the high price of Folger's coffee. It's the packaging, that's where they get you.

Speaking of the real life world, my new job is kicking my ASS. And the holidays are coming! Whee! World Wide Internet, what is my free shipping deadline? That is what I ask.

I went to the Wal Mart in Antioch with my sister on Sunday, after watching her kids. I must admit, it is a small town in itself. She drove my brother-in-law's car into a bay, and had the oil changed as she shopped. I bought a pretty cool scrub brush for the floor, which means The Man is $5 richer. But, I love scrubbing! Too bad that I never have time to scrub. So if you come over and the floor is not scrubbed to a fine gleam, it's because I just don't have time. Don't judge me. It will be scrubbed for the party, I guarantee it. But not if you just stop by or something.

It was me! Oh my lord, what a small world. And how embarrassing that I was actually arguing over folgers coffee. But c'mon, they wanted 5 bucks for a little can. Maggie, why didn't you speak up on my behalf?
Hey... why were you buying your Folgers at the Kwik Pick instead of Jewel's? Department Store Prices have nothing on Convenience Store Prices!
Because I like to frequent indy business. And I needed it. Man, that guy is a price fixer.
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