Friday, December 02, 2005

Who Gets the Skiles Face?

Who! Who-Who! (sing that to the tune of Who Let the Dogs Out! It's fun!) My Skiles pic this week is kind of a "pre-Skiles-Face" pose. It's Skiles, taking a deep breath... the steam will slowly start to leak from his ears, and then we get the full-on "What a FYOUSEEKAYIENGEE JOKE!"

Well, the nominees for this week's Skiles Face are...

The Cast of Survivor - why don't you vote Stephanie out already? Dummies.
The Bulls - why are you out of town tonight? You should be making celebrity appearances at the CHA fundraiser Scratch & I are attending tonight.
Me - why did I pay cash for so much stuff before checking to see how our pay periods were going to roll in? Sheesh, ME!
Parking Lots - I just hate them.

In other Skiles News, I have decided that my life long dream (in the Bobby Jon sense) is to see Skiles at the grocery store, so that I could do two things:
1. Secretly place a bag of lemons in his shopping cart while he isn't looking;
2. Watch him give the Skiles Face to the self-checkout kiosk.

OK, that's it for now!

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