Monday, August 29, 2005

This Article is NOT Exaggerating!

Scratch & I were at this catastrophe on Saturday night. We were so, so disappointed. We gave up the second time we saw the opening living room sketch and heard Amy Poehler go:


Yeah, at that point, we were out of there.

Something I found more offensive was the audience in general. Here are some "overheards" Chicagoist-style:

The people behind us, who totally sucked and screamed in Scratch's ear to get a friend's attention:

Girl: My boyfriend? He took me to New York? And we saw two plays. I had never seen a play before. I wanted the actors to start singing!
Guy: The popularity of musical theater proves the utter stupidity of human beings.
Other Guy: Blah blah blah.

Endless blather! Shut Up!

Then, in the refund line - different people:
Girl: Oh My GAWD, one lady wanted a refund for her $95 dress!
Guy: Oh, who spends only $95 on a dress? That's pretty cheap isn't it?

I was considering taking iO classes to boost my imaginary stand-up career, but I'm pretty soured on the whole experience. Sorry, my comic heroes - I don't blame you, but your show sucked!

Chicago Tribune news : Entertainment

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