Friday, March 03, 2006

Blago... What DO you know?

OK, first he didn't know he was part of a Daily Show bit. Now, he didn't know he appointed someone to a hate crimes panel?

Blagojevich said he didn't know he had appointed Muhammad to the commission until learning about it from news reports. He said his staff should have discussed her appointment with him.

Governor, get a new staff already! They must hate you.

I had a pretty harsh reaction to this story last night on the news. A Sun Times columnist was interviewed on NBC5 news at 10 saying how Ms. Muhammad (the Farrakhan staffer and panel member) is a lovely woman who never says bad things about anyone, and how she should not be held responsible for Mr. Farrakhan's remarks. I think she should be held responsible for taking the panel members to see LF speak - just to make a point - if I was on an anti-hate panel for the state, and I invited the panel to a "Church of the Creator" or "Pat Robertson" meeting? I'd be out of there faster than, well, insert your faster than right here.

BUT, to make another point - was her lesson to the panel that we have to be tolerant of people who are intolerant? That's pretty intense. I'd work that angle.

And now I know why I don't watch the news.

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