Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cool By Association?

So, Scratch and I are going to a friend's birthday party tonight. It's in a club. With DJs and stuff. This person is so cool that even VIPs have to pay cover to get into the birthday party! No, it's not Paris Hilton! Even though I know you thought that! So we are cool by association because we are friends with the Birthday Girl and therefore invited to this kind of a party. I'm having a very "My Super Sweet Sixteen" moment here! I hope I don't embarass myself!

If you're going too, maybe I'll see you there! And seriously? This person is super cool, I am not making fun of her, I am making fun of the fact that I don't know anyone who would pay to come to my birthday party!

that sounds like such a cool party! you are such a VIP!

Also, come down here in March so we can go see Sisters of Mercy. Doesn't that sound like fun? Nobody else thinks so besides me!
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