Friday, March 24, 2006

Surviving This Week

So, I've almost made it through a whole work week at my new gig. While I'm not going to cry "What have I done!??!" I will say that it's a completely different world. I'm not going to say that the grass is always greener, because it isn't - it's just a different color. I think this job is going to work - but it's always more fun to accentuate the negative right? The grass is only greener when you leave your job to be independently wealthy. If I knew how to make a table in this thing I would, but suffice to do two sets of bullets.

I think the thing that's seriously killing me is the Internet. How pathetic is that? I am so dependent on my gmail account that I look at it on my cell phone now, even though I can't reply (it would take my whole lunch hour to write "hello" on a cell phone.)

I'd also love a Lulu's veggie and tofu salad today, but will have to settle for a filet o fish or something.

Tomorrow, we MOVE! Yes! In the middle of all this Scratch and I have been packing our belongings. Yow. It's going to be a month before things are back to normal. Until then, if you see me on the Ravenswood train, say hello. Wait, don't - I'll just look at you funny.

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