Friday, April 21, 2006

Current Tally: 1 Attempt, 0 Takers

Well, yesterday morning a woman was sniffling over me on my way to work. She looked pretty well-to-do, had one of those newer iPods, etc. I waited for the third sniffle, and then got the pocket pack out of my bag, opened it, and held it up to her.

She smiled, and said "No, thanks!" and then kept sniffling.

Today, I'm going to listen to an audiobook or something, so only super-aggressive snifflers will be targeted.

I wish I was a tissue tycoon and could support you in this effort. I, too, hate the constant sniffling. Sure, everyone gets caught without a tissue from time to time, but this is rampant. Proud to say that I carry a pack in my bag, and D carries hankies, old-fashioned, sexy goober-pocketed husband that he is. If you offered ME a tissue I'd take it and say thanks. LCH
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