Friday, March 31, 2006

Most Commonly Mis-spelled Words

Apparently, my name is in the running. This was not announced. My first name is not so uncommon. It's the French pronunciation and spelling of a common name. Think Mary/Marie. If you liked reading about horses when you were younger, or if you enjoy the artier Gerard Depardieu films, you should be familiar.

First, at our closing - the sellers' attorney was all "I had a lot of trouble with your name." Really old man attorney? All that lawyer school and you can't copy and paste? I was a little miffed - but after a lifetime of people not knowing how to spell or pronounce my full name, I practically expect it now.

Then the bills started coming.
Our insurance bill put a Q in my name instead of a G. Huh? That's the same error a web service at my old company did. Then, our first mortgage bill arrived. This time, I'm missing a letter. Wha happen? I've gone for months with nobody messing up my name at all. And now, BAM! I don't know why this upsets me as much as it does.

I never thought my name was that hard. It's only one more letter than Elizabeth, for crying out loud. And it bugs me that I may just have to accept it - the way people just accept others spelling the word "definitely" incorrectly. Or using "your" instead of "you're." I cannot deal with being in that category!

People who spell names on bills, I give you all a big blanket Skiles Face for misspelling my name! Somehow I'll bet Skiles could spell my name. Because he is not an idiot. Just look at how his arms are folded, impatient with the rest of the world. I've decided that Skiles uses his gestures not only to show his dissasisfaction with the Bulls, but with society. Take that!

Just wait till the first piece of mail to Marquerite Barron comes.

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