Sunday, April 30, 2006

I Love Hate, and I Hate Everything Else!

Once upon a time, that was a slogan for a comic book. Yes, I'm a nerd.

But anyway. There is this blog/site called Five Things I Hate. You can email the moderator five things you hate, and the owner will post them. Your name is not tied to it, but if you know me, you probably can tell which contribution I sent in.

Anyway, if you want to get your hate on, Hater, email this person.

In Other News

We had a great weekend! We picked up the grill we bought, and Scratch put it together. The happy prediction is that cleanup will be easier now that the cooking's being done sans pans. Then... we went out... to a bar... with... friends on Saturday. Big outing for us! It was fun. Then, we went to the Bulls game Sunday, which was tons of fun, even though the Skiles Face isn't as clear from the 300 level. Still, I have a connection with Senor Skiles. I just know it. Go Bulls!

Do you know you can buy "the mango" all peeled and sliced at Costco? Totally worth it. Mmmmm. Mango.

I was going to post something about going to work tomorrow downtown, and how I don't really think that the big march will affect me in any way, but since I have nothing important to say about the march, its organizers, or its cause, I will just leave it at "I am going to work tomorrow." Whatev.

When Newt worked at Borders, some disgusting dad changed his toddler's diaper in the middle of the children's section and then left used diaper and wipes in the aisle and was enraged when this was suggested to him as DISGUSTING and WRONG.
We, too, support your hate of diapers left abandoned in public!
(also everything else you hate, we hate with vigor!)

i'm still trying to narrow it down to 5 for a submission of my own.
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