Monday, June 27, 2005

How was your weekend?

Why, thanks for asking, blog!

On Friday afternoon, I went to see my doctor about a couple of things. I love my doctor very much, I have been seeing him for ten years or more. I even love that he always has students and sometimes my annual 'feminine exam' is a little bit like a cocktail party because there are four or five people in the room (next year I'm bringing Ritz crackers and punch.) On this last visit though, I didn't have enough wrong with me for a student to benefit. But I had to be interviewed and examined by a kind of snotty woman who I didn't like, instead of talking to my doctor for fifteen minutes and getting a prescription refill. I was bugged by that.

On Saturday we went to my friends John & Jon's party in Libertyville. I used to work with John, and we don't see each other much now, so it was nice to catch up. Scratch helped me make some stuffed mushroom caps to bring. His blog probably will have the recipe.

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Sam's to buy wine, then Costco to buy meat, then I took our laundry to my mom's for quality time with her, Fritz, and the Maytag. Scratch broke a glass bowl and sliced his hand open! Aaaaagh! So we are going to my doctor today to get him checked out and I hope that student isn't there. I hope he gets a different student experience. I'm predicting four stitches in his hand, but we'll see.

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