Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Trader Joe's vs. Aldi

The other day, Scratch & I were talking about the prevalence of Trader Joe's stores in the suburbs. I noticed one in Aurora/Geneva last week right across from a Wal Mart, and on our way home from Libertyville we saw the TJ beacon at the Waukegan Road exit of the Edens.

I started to ponder how ironic it would be if Trader Joe's was, in fact, owned by the Walton family, and all the tote-bag loving WalMart haters were actually handing over their organic greenbacks to the Retail Red State Devil. I was close.

Trader Joe's is owned by the Albrecht brothers, who are most famous for owning Aldi. Karl Albrecht was Forbes's #3 Richest Man in the world in 2004. That's richer than the Waltons! And brother Theo ranked #20 - apparently his stock went down after being kidnapped and ransomed in 1971. I didn't think anyone except maybe Bill Gates was richer than the Waltons. Now, you can say, well the Albrechts aren't EVIL, and aren't trying to manipulate all of the products and foods we consume (see the June 2005 issue of Gourmet) but feeding anti-union billionaires is still feeding anti-union billionaires. So, in your face, self-righteous Trader Joe shoppers!

Wow, I didn't know that the shitty grocery store was owned by the same people who own the progressive non-shitty one. That is so damn interesting! Sometimes I hate this country.
Don't forget to hate the Germans too! On an interesting note, Butera stores are still 100% family owned and operated.
I only like their peanut butter filled pretzels. Does my preference for this tasty convergence make me self-righteous?
I'm glad to hear that because I never liked it, too self righteous and poorly made food, my cat won't even eat the tuna for cats. Dpes that say something?
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